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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy Information

Following the changes reported with the entry of the new privacy policy, the information regarding the latter is given below.

The user data stored on the site is necessary only if the visitor is willing to contact us or buy online and receive, wherever he wants, the products ordered. The data requested are the following:

  • e-mail;
  • name;
  • surname;
  • address;
  • House number;
  • city;
  • country;
  • State / Province / Region;
  • mobile phone.

The requested data is shared:

  • with the transport company OTS to ensure that the latter can ship the ordered products;
  • with site administrators via the associated email: ;

Sharing is necessary for the purposes of the site and cannot be optional, in the cases mentioned above.

Any other use of personal data that can be made through our site is not our permission and will.

The provider to which we rely for the management of our site is Aruba and for the management of payments we rely exclusively on payments via PayPal, whether they are made from a PayPal account or through normal credit / debit card. As a result, any information regarding payment cards or accounts is not managed or stored by us in any way