Strada Cascinare, 2979 - 63811 Sant'Elpidio a Mare (FM)



The Antica Stivaleria was born in 2000 in a small town in the Marche region near Sant’Elpidio a Mare. The company initially produces luxury footwear but the turning point comes a few years later. The great passion for horses in fact leads the owner, Fabio Santandrea, to change the type of production; from that moment on, the company concentrates on producing boots exclusively for those who, like the owner, frequent the world of horses.

Thanks to the collaboration with some Italian jokers, the first model of boots marked "Antica Stivaleria" was born: the Soldatino. This model, born for the precision in 2008, presents a careful craftsmanship helped also by the use of high quality materials. Even today, the Soldatino is enjoying great success, witnessed by the fact that it is even used by famous jockeys.

Over the years, this small artisan reality has managed to reach important collaborations such as, for example, those obtained with the multi-victorious brothers Mirco and Cristian Demuro, who, still in business, continue to use the company's products thus confirming the high value of the products offered. Furthermore, other important names must not be overlooked, who have decided to rely on the guarantees that the Antica Stivaleria offers through their creations: among these it is necessary to mention Andrea Atzeni, Jose Valdivia, Fabio Branca, Umberto Rispoli, Alberto Sanna and Germano Marcelli. To these are added numerous other Italian jokers.

To conclude the Antica Stivaleria would like to thank all those who continue to support the work of their employees in order to continue to guarantee a high and unsurpassed quality for many years to come.

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